Best Weight Loss Shake

Are you still desperately searching for the BEST weight loss shake out there ?

Tried all the programs, pills, shakes, meetings, weigh-ins ?

Have you lost the same 20 pounds over and over again, only maybe now it's turned into 30 or more pounds to lose this time around ?

I'm Wendy Matthews, a Wellness Life Coach and so you can imagine that as a holistic oriented professional who has spent years learning and practicing a healthy way of living, it was extremely devastating for me to admit that I was in that very same weight loss YO-YO trap myself.


I want you to feel encouraged that so many people who actually do know a lot about health foods and living healthy have experienced this. More importantly I really want you to feel encouraged that there is and END to this cycle. It is possible.

Important fact : a weight loss shake alone is not enough. Obviously it's not a sustainable way to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle. Sure, maybe you'll lose that same 20 ( AGAIN ) but then what ?


What if you could enjoy a healthy product that provides real nutrition without any artificial ingredients, like sweeteners and fillers? No GMO's or soy products, and it had prebiotics , probiotics to support healthy intestinal function? With Smooth Vitality you'll even get your omega 3 6 and 9. It has no whey protein but is made of hemp protein ! What if it was even Organic and came with a money back guarentee?

Well that's a good start right? But NO, that's not really enough in my books.

What Else Comes With Green Organics Hemp Shake ?
How about if you had a community of people supporting your goals and could even plug into cleanse coaching and weight loss coaching for FREE ?

Starting to sound like the best weight loss shake yet ?

Is It Time ?

Is it time to live your best life again ?

To feel good when you get out of bed in the morning ?

To slide into those jeans and feel like a million bucks?

Understand I want to help you do this without sacrificing good nutrition and doing anything that will cause you to yo-yo EVER again !

At Green Organics, we don't just have weight loss shakes, but a series of tools as well as professional coaching and mentoring AND game changing healthy additional support products like our Organic highest grade therapeutic essential oils. ( Read more on our essential oils page about how stress can be a major obstacle to weight loss.)

Contact me for a FREE 15 min coaching session and find out how you can receive 2 full coaching sessions with me, when you begin a cleanse or weight loss goal with Green Organics International.

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