Smart Website Building for Coaches

Smart website building can be easier than you think!

3 phone calls in one year. That's what I got from my first website. I thought that was pretty normal. Other Wellness Practitioners in the area told me they didn't get much business from the web either. "It isn't really the kind of business that a lot of people are searching on-line for"

Then one day I got an email from a fellow Life Coach telling me about Site Build It, the best tool for website buiding for coaches. I read about traffic and the importance of ranking high in the search engines ( foreign language to me ) I read some of the case studies that you can see in a minute.

I knew absolutely nothing about website building. I used to have to ask my husband to go in and change the dates on my training page all the time. I didn't know how to upload or download or what the difference even was!

Something just spoke to me about this SBI experience( that's what I call it now) and I decided to try it.

I promise you, they overdeliver on all of their claims!

Watch this video and find out how SBI can help you.

SBI Video Tour for website building

I have thousands of visitors now, instead of 3.

I get phone calls every day that translate into clients. I have passive forms of income coming from the site too, so I wake up in the morning and find out that I have sold a wellness device to a lady across the country and have made hundreds of dollars while I was sleeping.

It is all about RESULTS but I actually love the process too. I mean, I have become a computer geek! It's unbelievable, I actually enjoy working on my website. I guess you would have to have known me before to understand how bizarre that is, but I think you'll discover it for yourself if you decide to try it.

If you have a local business or even just a hobby or something that you are passionate about, take a few minutes to watch this video and get clear how it works. You can even monetize a hobby by website building !

And do let me know if you have any questions.

Perhaps I'll see you on the SBI forums where we all help each other out!