Start Alkalizing !

Start Alkalizing today and Feel Better quickly!

I think you'll like this easy approach and the recipes are delicious!

Here are some really easy quick ways to get started.

Think in terms of ADDING value to your diet, not restriction or eliminating foods.

1) Go ahead and eat whatever you were going to eat today and ADD lots of fresh green stuff to it. Just eat a few cucumbers or some salad, some green beans, whatever you can find in your fridge.

2) Drink a quick and simple alkalizing drink every morning.

Super Greens is a nutrient dense, easy-to-mix powder made from the world’s most powerful superfoods with real, organic whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs. This delicious shake is flavored with refreshing organic peppermint and spearmint!

4) Have a cup of Purple Tea.

5) It's football or hockey time and you want to sit down with that plate of nachos in front of the TV. No problem- try this it's delicious!

Slice cucumbers in round "chips" sprinkle chopped onion, olives, green peppers and salsa all over and a touch of shredded cheese( not alkaline, but a bit is ok)

Try making your own fresh salsa. I make a batch up almost every day and use in in stir- fry, on baked potatoes( yes, they are alkaline) and as a dip for veggies.

Ready for dessert? I've got ya covered!

Carob-Almond Nuggets.

Mix crushed almonds or ground almond powder with a few teaspoons of almond butter, some coconut flakes, a few teaspoons of carob powder and a touch of real maple syrup( yes, real maple syrup is alkaline! )

Mix it up into a pasty texture so that you can roll it in your hands into little balls (like rum balls) or press into brownie squares. They taste great right away, but I've found they taste even better when you let them sit for a few hours and they harden up a bit.

Now when you start alkalizing and drinking this alkaline water and adding, adding, adding green foods to your day, a great thing happens. You start to find yourself feeling full a lot and suddenly you just don't really want that slice of pizza you were going to have -and that is a lot more fun than approaching it from the " I can't have it " mind frame.

Please share your feedback with me. I want to hear your success stories!