Other Sites that May
Make You Feel Good!

Green Organics International A great company with all natural and organic products including raw,vegan products, Alkalizing nutrition, an impressive cardio supplement and raspberry ketones for weight loss. Organic skin care line too.

www.Abraham-Hicks.com If you visit only One site, buy One book or attend One seminar this year and it has anything to do with Esther, Jerry and Abraham, you are guaranteed to feel good!

You can Heal Your Life ! Visit Loiuse Hay's site to find out more about her book by this title.

NLP -Training SECRET Revealed

Komyo Reiki This is the official site of Komyo Reiki. Japanese Buddhist monk, Hyakuten Inamoto is who I received my Komyo Reiki Attunements from.

You Have Chosen to Remember " A journey from perception to knowledge, peace of mind & joy"

Very Rich Life Global movement of creating abundance and freedom !

Solution Box Become a coach, training rsources and articles.

Inspiration Cafe

www.lightmovie.com This is incredibly Beautiful. Enjoy!

Wayne Dyer Brings you to the official site, to a page where you can listen to live podcasts! You will love listening to this man, who writes and speaks to peoples' very spirit. He has a unique way of uplifting people with every word!

Wayne Dyer Course The next best thing to attending in person.

NLP and Reiki Directories A resource list of trainers, coaches, educators, health professionals, therapists and counsellors who use NLP or Reiki as part of their practice.

Meditations Excellent for the newbie or experienced meditator.

Stress Coping- Self Help Tools Information about Bach Flower Remedies as related to stress reduction.

LightConnection A place for info sharing, learning, and connecting with other Family of Light members and anchors of Light.

www.reiki.org The most extensive Reiki info web-site that I have come across. You can also order Reiki News Magazine here.