Law of Attraction Coaching

Law of Attraction Coaching will help you powerfully create your reality, using the universal principles of Attracting and then Allowing.

You may have read books or seen movies lately about these principles and felt very excited about creating some new things in your life!

Then, did you return back to those same old habits and situations and feel a bit frustrated about how to make it all work ?

Law of Attraction Coaching works by understanding your specific desires and then showing you easily applicable techniques to get the law of attraction working in areas of your life that you were not sure how to improve upon!

You will shift away from limiting beliefs and sabotaging language patterns and learn how to manifest with greater ease and confidence.

You will learn how to use language, based on NLP principles, to support maintaining your thoughts and feelings in alignment with what you want to be experiencing.

Learn how to manage the input in your life, so that your vibrational output or offering, is where you want it to be in order to attract new, more pleasing experiences, relationships and well-being.

Contact Me Now and Instantly begin to shift your vibration towards attracting more of what you want in life!

Create dynamic, lasting change in your life.

Experience more clarity, harmony and confidence.

Attract Abundance and Prosperity.

Understand how to improve your emotions and feel better more often !

Become an expert at knowing how to work with all six sensory perceptions to improve areas such as:

Parenting, wellness, relationships, career, time and having more of it and finding your inspiration and joy in life.

2 Law of Attraction Coaching packages to chose from

Full Monthly Coaching Package

Detailed mentoring and teaching of the Law of Attraction, guidance towards fully understanding the principles, where to find more information, books, tapes, groups, seminars and more.
Plus A 1 Hour session every week followed by unlimited email support between calls.
$588.00 per month.

3 Mini-sessions

For the deliberate creator that is already familiar with the Law of Attraction. Find clarity and shift your vibration with ease. 20 min. weekly phone sessions and unlimited email support.

$199.00 for 3 sessions.

"Hello Wendy,

Just a quick note to proclaim to you that you have made so much of a difference in the way my life works. I guess that is why you are called a life coach. I remember that I was floundering and kinda lost with all the information that I had from Law of Attraction studies and how you helped me sort it out and get a plan as to what I wanted to do with this knowledge. I can truthfully say that your coaching has been life changing and I want to retain your services for a long time so I can stay on that track that I have chosen for success. Just wanted to let you know how I feel about what we have done here and what I look forward to doing in the future."

Sincerely, Claude Taylor,
Georgia, USA.

"I first came across Wendy on 'my space' where I found her positive attitude and vibes to be very infectious. The advice and encouragement that Wendy has given me via email and telephone has been extremely helpful. She has turned my focus and ideas towards combining all the therapies that I have to offer, into one main therapy that brings benefits to my clients in one session. Clients can now focus on the help that I can give, rather than having to decide which treatment would be appropriate for them.

she is a beautiful person and I value her very much.

Your positive energy and vibes are spreading to all who you connect with Wendy

Cheryl Carey
Holistic Therapist
England, United Kingdom.

"If you live in most places in Canada, you know that snow is an inevitable part of winter. When it's been snowing and snowing, you have to go out and shovel -- and sometimes it seems as if there is no end to the heavy snow or to the driveway you have to clear. A Life Coach is the shovel fairy. She helps you get the path cleared. The Life Coach helps you to see that there is an end to the task ahead, shows you the best way to get through it, and cheers you on the whole way through so that your confidence doesn't waver. Then the Life Coach helps you to build a snow man, to remind you that the reason we're all here is to have fun.

This works in person, by telephone or by e-mail. Wendy has most certainly helped me in this way, and I think she's just great. "

A snowy place in Canada.

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