Integrating Holistic Change
with Ease

Here are some suggestions for integrating holistic change into your child's routine, without upsetting the applecart too much!


First of all, let me say that if you have found your way to this page, you have most likely already made some very important decisions and done a bit of research already. I would like to acknowledge you for everything that you have already done up to this point! Give yourself a huge pat on the back and remember this is a process!

Something I find important to have a look at is how you and your child view change. Some people need to ease into change while others like to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, and make huge declarations and clean sweeps, to really make it happen!

Most people, experts included could probably debate the effectiveness of both of these approaches.

I think what really matters is that you have a look at how you have tried things in the past, how your child has reacted, and determine what has been the most successful. When you have a clear understanding of what feels more comfortable for your child you may find it easier to go with that approach even if yours tends to be the other one. Remember "Choose your battles".


Good question. Here are some ideas:

You may have read a book, received suggestions, or have a gut instinct as to what will help your child.

In most cases the gut instinct is usually a good one! Never under-estimate the power of parents', grandparents' and primary care takers' love for the child to help instincts be accurate!

Next, when and if you decide to begin trying out all the wonderful Wellness Approaches for adhd that are available, whether it be in the form of nutritional changes to relaxation techniques, phasing out TV and the use of chemicals in your household or improving on the Feng Shui of your child's bedroom.. here are a few guideline suggestions:

1) Only try making 1 or max. 2 holistic changes at a time.

2) If trying 2 changes, balance it out by choosing one that you think will be fairly easy to implement, with one that may be a bit more challenging.

3) Try to frame this as a positive holistic change and not a punishment or a consequence of their behaviour.

4) If applicable, introduce this as a positive lifestyle change for the whole family.

5) If it is a change that can occur gradually, ie; phasing out certain foods, avoid making a "big deal" about it and just implement without drawing a lot of attention to it. You will get less resistance this way. Once it has been occuring for a period of time, you can then discuss the benefits with those involved.

6 ) This one is key! Once you make a holistic change and experience ANY kind of results, acknowledge this with yourself and with your child. Celebrate! Make it a wonderful thing and notice that your path of personal growth has just evolved again. It's all small steps but when you look back in 6 months or a year, you will realize how very far you have come!

If you are ready to make some serious changes and find it all a bit overwhelming, Life Coaching can help. Together we can work on your weekly goals for creating holistic changes and make sure that you accomplish them.

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