Holistic ADHD Coaching
Support for Parents

There are many holistic, nutritional, educational, philosophical and scientifically validated alternatives that can promote self esteem and bring focus and balance into your child’s life. Holistic ADHD Coaching can assist you to explore many of these possibilities.

I am frequently contacted by parents who have decided not to medicate the symptoms that their child is displaying, but rather to offer the gift of allowing the true self to emerge and develop spiritually.

With a decision to support your child’s life path and personal growth, there may also come some challenges and frustrations along the way.

This link will lead you to some tips about
Implementing holistic change.

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Life Coaching is a proven effective way to assist families during this time of growth and discovery.

Coaching is not counseling or therapy. It is not about examining emotional trauma or resolving conflicts of the past.

Coaching is about helping your family now and creating a better future.

Working together on a weekly basis a Coach can be your catalyst to :

Recognize your successes and build upon them.

Identify areas that are not currently working for you.

Help you to gain clarity and discover many new options.

Create shifts in the way the entire family interacts.

A Coach will be your sounding board during those "I’m at a total loss" moments.

They'll also be your biggest fan when you have found something that works. And then they can help you re-create that same success on a regular basis!

A Coach that I highly recommend: Anisa Aven