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Aqua Chi is one of my personal favorite wellness therapies! My clients absolutely love it and have always given me really interesting feedback.

Clients have expressed experiencing results such as;

Improved sleep, decreased pain, increased mobility in joints, lowered cholesterol, clarity of mind, clarity of voice, clarity of vision, rapid healing of colds, reduced swelling of feet and ankles, healing of warts, weight loss, increased energy, deep relaxation & stress reduction.

Experience the Healing Benefits of Water!

How does Aqua Chi work?

An AquaChi footbath is like a visit to a hotspring!

You sit comfortably in a reclined chair with your feet in a tub of warm water that is being charged by the Aqua Chi unit. A small module or "array" is placed in the water. Using a DC current, the unit is charging the water with negative ions, replicating what occurs naturally in hot springs. This assists your body in balancing its magnetic field, promoting wellness and detoxification.

A full treatment takes 35 minutes after which time, your feet are left feeling tingly and rejuvenated. The water in the bucket has typically turned brown and "sludgy"

Below are pictures of live blood cell analysis before and after a footbath showing rounder healthier cells afterwards.


Have treatments in the privacy of your own home and treat friends and family as often as you wish!

Holistic Practitioners, this is a wonderful addition to your practice. Attract new clients easily with this service and see your existing clients more often!

Professional Model 5400

Includes: 1 Power Pack Unit, 2 Modules, 2 Connecting cables, 20 Spare ring sets, Super-Safe GFI plug, Aluminum travel case, Full color manual

60 month warranty & Bonus DVD Video Guide.

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