Abundance Thinking
and Wellness

How does finding a table in a busy cafeteria have anything to do with abundance thinking and wellness? Well I made a connection last weekend that was really interesting!

I know that our thoughts and actions directly contribute to creating our reality. Many of us grasp this and have read all the books ( and could probably write some) But applying it on a daily basis? Well that's easy when you set some time aside to practice with INTENT what you know right?

Lately I've been noticing more how it's the little tiny actions in a day that are gemstones of opportunities that I am excited to explore more of!

I got into a long line at a busy cafeteria. My husband decided to take our young one over to the toy section and keep her busy until I got closer to the food.

Standing in line, I got to thinking about how many times in the past, myself or a family member would go to search for a table and "save" it while the other was in line.

Suddenly this seemed so silly to me. Why would we do that? What are we choosing to believe when we decide that we have to find a table now and keep someone else from using it when they are ready for it now and we are not?

I guess it's a form of lack conciousness, I realized. It's saying "I don't have faith that a table will be ready for me right when I need one, so I better grab one now and protect it!"

So here we are working on knowing that spirit works through us for the highest good in manifesting abundance and wellness and health and loving relationships, but we can't count on a table when we need one? WOW. I finally get it. It's the small thoughts!

I decide that not only will a table be available once I've purchased our breakfast but I'd like our favorite table near the play section for our daughter, or similar for the highest good.

I come away from paying, carrying our trays and there's our favorite table just being left by a couple as I walk up. My husband and daughter arrive at the same time as me from the opposite direction. I assume they are just arriving from the toy section.

I share my insight with my husband. He chuckles and says he saw the table empty a few minutes before and went to take it. The couple that were there had both gotten up to get something and instantly came back, telling him they were still there and would be finished soon though. They left just as I was approaching! What an interesting incident, seemingly designed to include my husband in the experience and validate to us what the lesson was!

Now I am excited to notice and experience new shifts in thinking about all the little habits and thoughts that we just take for granted each day, never really noticing how they support our beliefs and intentions.

My new intention is to "get it" as often as I can in a day and be connected to thoughts that support health, abundance and well-being even when they don't seem related in an obvious way!

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