Top Wellness Picks

To help you FEEL GOOD in 2012

With my warmest wishes to you for a year of health, joy and success.

.. These are a few of my favorite things..

1) TOP PICK for 2012 - Organic and Green is my top suggestion with where to start making the small changes that will add up to big results.

Green organics International has a wonderful product line including my top pick which is GO Cardio. Too many people die far too young from heart disease. Check out what Dr Brett Earl has to say about this product and how it can help save hearts !

Click on the image of Go Cardio

2) My Favorite way to experience the benefits of Meditation, only it's a heck of a lot more interesting than trying to meditate by yourself.

Holosync Cd

3) Raw For 30 days Amazing Movie

4) Last but certainly not least: Website building for wellness practitioners or marketers.

Its not about how good your site looks ! Its about a healthy amount of traffic. If you don't know all about seo and how to create free organic traffic this complete building ,hosting , training package as well as community forums will do most of it for you. There is a learning curve and time involved. Then you will find yourself with a website that ranks in top 10 organic searches and brings you a stream of trageted visitors.

Site Build It Once again I would like to offer my sincere desire for you to experience your life this year and for always, in ways that are pleasing and supportive to your life-purpose.

Namaste, Wendy.