Reiki in Ottawa

Reiki treatments are available for Reiki Practitioners, Coaches and Lightworkers of all modalities or people drawn to the helping/healing arts who want to recharge their own batteries and be pampered or want to shift out of a rut to a more desired mindset. A mini coaching session is also offered if wanted or we can just have a tea afterwards and enjoy the awesome energy.

Appointments are limited to weekday mornings @ 75 $ per session.

Reiki Classes:

My lineage is both Western Usui (via Takata) and I also completed the teacher level ( Shinpiden ) of Komyo Reiki with Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei from Japan. After many years studying and practicing other modalities of energy work as well as personal development and NLP coaching, I teach Reiki in a way that reflects the energy of our current time and also integrates these other principles of coaching and law of attraction to create an experience that is both spiritual and grounded. (Think abundance consciousness and success.)

Upcoming Classes:

May 13th 2017 Reiki level 2- 200 $

To register please call 613-255-6034

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