NLP Training for Lightworkers

Would you like to have a whole new, fun set of tools to support your work and your clients' desires to feel good and improve their lives?

NLP Training for Lightworkers teaches you New Code NLP very quickly. NLP " New Code" exercises are extremely creative visualizations and shifting techniques that work very well with Reiki and other Energy Therapies.

My 1 day workshop allows you to experience these powerful techniques and practice them with fellow colleagues.

You will receive a certificate of attendance to a " Participatory Workshop developing Coaching skills utilizing Patterns of Neuro-Linguistic Programming "

Yes, then you can answer the questions you'll get :)

Course Fee: $ 145.00

( Warning: You may love using NLP so much that you'll want to do the certification training! )


Saturday September 15th Call Wendy (613)-836-0067

Montreal,Que. ( West Island)

October, 2007 Call Wendy (613)-836-0067

Contact me to host a training in your city. Try an NLP Exercise

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