Benefits of Laughter

Have you had a good laugh lately?

Think back to the last time you had a REALLY good laugh. You know, the kind of laughter where you start off with a chuckle, then it turns into a deeper chest-expanding laugh. Before you know it you're out of control (Isn't that great?) You try to stop and it just gets funnier. Your entire face is getting a workout now. The tears are flowing ( hopefully that's the only liquid flowing)

You are gulping big breaths of air in between spasms of cracking up. Are you one of those animated people who also starts to slap things, roll around or dance? How about the dreaded snort?

Have you ever had to try to be serious during one of those moments, like to answer a phone call or explain to your boss why you are so out of control? Your body just doesn't seem to want to co-operate. The more you try to stop the harder you laugh!

That's because your body knows a good thing when it feels it! Remember that feeling when you are finally all done? A little tired, tingly all over. Your stomach muscles may feel a little tender. You may be blowing your nose. It is an amazingly cleansing process. Your lungs have had a good workout. Your sinuses may be cleared. More oxygen has reached your brain. Endorphins are being produced.

Sometimes the laughter even turns into full blown crying. Wow where did that come from? Emotions have cleared out too, where they have been held in the body on a cellular level.

What an awesome Stress Buster!

Boy it feels great. I can hardly wait to have another laugh session like that! Laughter is a wonderful medicine and is really contagious. View the video clip below and get a great laugh going! C'mon.. you know you want to..

Laughing Babies

One of the best things you can do to feel better is put down the newspaper , turn off the news and go rent a funny movie or do a search on Youtube for comedy. Just get your laugh on !