Holistic Herbal Healing

By Dr. Vikrama
Everybody agrees that herbs are a natural source of healing. Herbal healing is the blessing of nature to men. Herbs benefit our body and mind as well as vital energy in a balanced and holistic way.

The most important quality of herbs is that their healing power is different than drugs. Drugs are designed to act specifically for a particular action or for affecting some physiological or pathological process in our body. The undesired effects of drugs are termed as side effects or adverse effects.

Herbs do act specifically on some organs, tissues and physiological or pathological processes. In addition to their specific effects, most herbs have some generalized effects on our body. It is this part of herbal healing that makes them fit as natural and holistic remedies. So herbs have specific and general effects as well.

The phytochemicals in herbs are all natural that are made in the factory of Nature or God where we are also made! So herbal natural remedies are spontaneously without significant side effects. Only a few herbs do have significant side effects when they are used ignoring their dosage or method of use.

Herbs can be used in combination as polyherbal formulations. Polyherbal formulations are specially used in Ayurvedic Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine. With these formulations, we can get the balance and synergy of natural herbs in our favor. We have greater beneficial actions and effects and we can minimize the side effects of herbs easily.

Previously, taking herbs was equal to having something bitter like herbal tea or powder that everybody was not able to tolerate. Though there had been over one hundred different kinds of preparations available in Ayurvedic medicine. But now we can take whole herbs extract in the form of tablets or vegetarian capsules. This is so simple and effective way that anybody will love taking herbs.

Herbs don’t suppress our diseases. They help to heal it gradually and naturally. They correct the underlying causes of disease and help our system to regain a healthy state. We can take herbs in health and in disease.

Herbs enhance and support various physiological processes like immunity, abdominal health, liver health, pancreas health, kidney health, adrenal health, brain and memory support, lungs support and heart support. That is why herbs are wonderful tools for enhancing health and preventing diseases. And herbs do help us in various disorders.

That is why herbs are a natural source of holistic healing. We can use them to enhance our health and to get rid of some disease and validate the fact in our own lives, that herbs heal holistically.

Written for Wellness-life-Coach by Dr.Vikrama

Dr Vikrama is a freelance writer and practicing ayurveda doctor and herbalist who provides holistic herbal consultation through his website Holistic Herbalist