Bridging Beliefs

What is a limiting belief ? Most people think they would know if they were walking around holding on to one. That's the funny part. Because it is a belief, we don't realize that it is limiting. We think it's truth.

A belief is simply a thought that we have thought enough times that it has become habit. Then that thought can actually go about attracting experiences to us to support the belief.

Here are some examples to make it a little clearer how beliefs can seem like they may be supportive to us, yet we could actually find an alternative thought to hold that would produce even better results!

Here's an example from my own experience that I find quite funny now in retrospect.

Having the experience and working knowledge of all of these principles about law of attraction and wellness, I could not understand why I was not meeting with success with regards to an ideal comfortable weight.

I had a slow metabolism and I understood that this meant that I needed to take certain approaches. I addressed everything I could possibly think of ALL from a positive, loving direction. I visualized, I found exercise that was fun, not a chore. I addressed the emotional component and more..

One day I talked to a colleague and explained everything that I thought, felt and knew about the situation. I was quite sure she would be baffled as I was so confident that I had done everything possible to approach this with only supportive thoughts, emotions and language. I told her "there isn't possibly a single limiting belief that I am holding about this"

She laughed! You probably are too. It's usually pretty obvious to the people on the outside who have some perspective.

She got right to it in a flash. She didn't ask me a single thing about what I had done or not yet done. What do you think she asked about?

" Why do you believe that you have a slow metabolism? "

BINGO! I was amazed. I thought back to my teens and twenties and quickly realized that I had never had a slow metabolism. Why did I believe that I had one now? Where had I picked that thought up?

I just kind of bought into the mindset out there, that as you go through the thirties and hit forty that your metabolism slows down. I accepted it right into my belief system without ever being aware of it.

It didn't take me long to start reframing that thought!

More examples to come..