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How do you want to be experiencing your life right now?

Hi, I'm Wendy Matthews, Wellness Life Coach and Holistic Therapist.

Are you looking for:

Improved health? Harmonious relationships? Abundantly vibrant finances?

Welcome to my information site, created to connect you with resources and free tools to support you in bridging the gap between your now and your desired state of wellness of mind, body, spirit and even Bank Account. Yes, that's right you can have it all !

You have the ability within you, to attract to you that which you really want to be experiencing !

Well-being is defined as " A condition of health, happiness or prosperity."

You can enjoy all of these! And this site can be your guide to discovering how.

I am very excited about sharing these tools with you. I've changed my life dramatically using the law of attraction consciously and I've had the joy of coaching thousands others discover how effective it is.


No matter what your current state of well-being, you can turn it around and start creating new results begining today.

Find out how wellness products and therapies as well as coaching can support you to feel good and enable you to enjoy life, because that's what we are really meant to be doing!

Wellness Therapies like the Aqua Chi Footbath or a relaxing Reiki session are available in most cities now in North America. Find out what the benefits are.
Learn about meditation and how to find a style that is enjoyable for you.

You will find information about The Law of Attraction that can help you improve your life in ways that will surprise and please you. Find the best books, websites and therapists to help you.

Enjoy the free tools here at Wellness Life Coach, like the NLP exercise and downloads.

For information about creating total Financial Freedom and well-being Go to VeryRichLife.com.

Wishing you a joy-filled day,

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